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Ever since I began driving turbo cars in the 1980's I have been looking for ways to get more performance out of our cars safely and reliably. First I thought that a simple bleeder valve was the best way to go. It was fairly easy to adjust, cheap and worked reasonably well. What I never liked was the fact that the turbo seemed to take a long time to spool up and the boost pressure would always spike a couple of pounds higher than where I wanted the boost set. Usually after a few weeks or so I had to open the hood and readjust it because the boost wasn't holding at the setting it was supposed to.

I could never justify the cost of complicated electronic boost controllers, especially once I found out that many were just a lot of flashy lights, came with incomprehensible instructions, and were really no more than a "computerized bleeder valve." Not wanting some "fish-tank" valve or cobbled together plumbing store parts to have control of my turbo I decided to make my own.

I now have a reliable boost controller that is simple to install, easy to adjust, minimizes boost lag, and best of all affordable. With the help of both racers and owners of various turbocharged cars I extensively tested and designed a boost controller that meets all my expectations.

Today I am proud to say that there are tens of thousands of turbo cars powered by BoostValve boost controllers around the globe. There are street cars, rally cars, drag cars, SCCA road racers, diesel trucks, sand rails, and even turbo jet-skis and snow mobiles that all use my boost controllers for faster turbo spool-up, less lag and more power.

If you are looking for better performance from your turbocharged engine you can trust my BoostValve to be the right choice.

Ric Gillis

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